who we are

R&A Investment Forestry provides portfolio management to private and institutional forest investors seeking direct investments.

With deep domestic and global relationships, R&A provides dispassionate strategic portfolio management to forest investors, incorporating all key elements of a new investment environment, including investor-specific strategy design, acquisitions, property management selection, post-acquisition portfolio oversight, and exit. Ownership of forests implies stewardship of public values. To this, R&A brings broad experience with forest regulation and policy, and environmental and conservation issues.

what we do

R&A Investment Forestry, LLC is a portfolio developer and manager. We don’t sponsor commingled funds or promote the funds of others, nor do we assume discretionary control of the capital commitments of our investors. We acquire and manage timberland assets for individual investors and self-organized co-ventures organized as single entities.

A New Investment Environment

New conditions call for new approaches. The industry has now entered a new phase, one not simply an extension of the old. For two decades, increased timberland value was driven largely by arbitrage-based ownership transfer, resulting in steady discount rate compression.

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