Strategic Management
and Advisory Services


R&A Investment Forestry provides portfolio management to private and institutional direct forest investors.


With deep domestic and global relationships, R&A provides dispassionate strategic portfolio management to forest investors, incorporating all key elements of a new investment environment, including investor-specific strategy design, acquisitions, property management selection, post-acquisition portfolio oversight, and exit. Forest ownership implies stewardship of public values. To this, R&A brings broad experience with forest regulation and policy, and environmental and conservation issues.


Jim Rinehart, President of R&A, has been engaged in timberland as an investment since its inception in 1984. His various corporate roles have included Director of Portfolio Strategy for the Hancock Timber Resource Group, Vice President and Director of Timberland Investments for GATX Capital Corporation, and Director of Conservation Investments for Huber Resources.


Since its origin in 1990, R&A has been engaged by a broad array of clients, including large investors, such as Harvard Management Company, CalPERS, Hancock Forest Finance Group, Deutsche Bank, and others. In addition, he has served forest products companies, investment banks, private equity firms, private landowners and landowner associations, mainstream conservation NGOs, and The State of California. R&A has played key roles in the resolution of several “spotlight” transactions, including an environmentally sensitive 200,000 acre property in the Northern California Redwood Region.


With 25 years in the industry, R&A brings expertise in all elements of forestry and forest investing. We have global experience, colleagues and operating partners in all operating regions, and personal relationships with the founders and key executives of every major timberland investment manager and the industry experts who serve them. These relationships notwithstanding, R&A has no constraining allegiance to any given manager, consultant, or service provider. Jim Rinehart is known throughout the industry as an insightful and outspoken contrarian; a thought leader and a public advocate of investment temperance well before the collapse of Lehman Brothers signaled the beginning of the Great Recession.
For our view on the state of the industry since 2008, see Post Recession Timberland: Is it the Same Asset?